Zebec Marine Consultants & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Feasibility Studies, Shipyard Planning & Design for Marine Projects


Our Marine Projects division focuses on providing cost-effective shipping research and techno-commercial feasibility studies for greenfield projects, market analysis and business diversification and expansion projects in various marine sectors.

Ports and Harbours
• Techno-economic feasibility studies (TEFS) & Detailed project reports (DPR)
• Master planning and optimization of port layouts
• Selection of equipment for handling and storage of cargo
• Optimization of berth and equipment use
• Design of civil structure including berths, jetties, warehouses & stack yards
• Design & alignment of breakwaters

Coastal Engineering & Numerical Modeling
• Hydrodynamics studies
• Sediment transport studies
• Wave Transformation and Tranquility studies
• Wave disturbance studies
• Dredging and dispersion studies including identification of dredge dump site and dredge quantities
• Oil spill studies – to simulate the oil slick mobility, amount of oil left on the water surface, evaporation and evolution of the oil properties in ambient environmental conditions

Cruise Terminals & Marinas
• Conceptual design
• Site evaluation
• Traffic analysis of port calls and footfalls
• Civil structures , Jetty and berth design
• Design of terminal & marina security including study and mitigation of risks
• Navigational aids

Ship-building / Repair yards – Design & Up-gradation
• Business potential and Traffic study
• Site evaluation
• Conceptual planning
• Select suitable range of vessels for new building
• Investment and operational estimates
• Project returns and cash flows
• Marketing strategy
• Planning and co-ordination of site surveys
• Detailed layout and plans for shipyard / slipways / wet berths
• Planning and layout of lifting equipment
• Plate processing and block fabrication line
• Block erection and outfitting planning
• Facilities for testing & trials
• Dredging and reclamation
• Monitoring project schedules and work progress

Marine Logistics Studies
Focuses on improving transportation efficiency
• Route optimization
• Selection of suitable ports
• Reduction in operational delays
• Berth occupancy estimation
• Investment and operational estimates
• Calculation of costs per transport mode, project returns and cash flows
• Comparison with other modes of transport
• Tendering assistance

Logistics Simulation
• Provides an insight into the behavior of the system Capable of providing realistic and accurate inputs to decision variable
• Used to Identify bottlenecks in the logistics flow , Gauge critical determinants & study their effects on the system
• Capacity planning
• Scheduling
• Results of simulation used in financial modeling.

Lender’s Engineers Role For State Owned Banks
• Validation of;
   - Landside infrastructure,
   - Port facilities
   - Port equipments being installed
   - Port Approach and road infrastructure
• Monitoring construction progress of the port
• Project status reporting to consortium of lending banks