About the Company

A. Hak Industrial Services is a Taiwan based company. It provides various inspection services to offshore, LNG, pipeline, and refinery and petrochemical segments of the oil and gas industry. The company provides high-quality inspection services and high-resolution data compared to any of its other competitors.

The team of A.Hak Industrial services has a rich experience of over two and a half decades and can easily tell the condition of installation. The company follows a customer-centric approach in its business conduct and consequently, has established great trust among the customers.

Products & Services

The services offered in the offshore are:

  • Pre-commissioning during construction or hook up

  • Hydrostatic Inspection

  • Ultrasonic Inspection

  • Chemical Cleaning and Decommissioning

The services provided in the LNG sector are:

  • Pre-commissioning Engineering

  • Simulation

  • Purging, Drying, and Cooling

  • Helium Leak Detection

  • Flange Management

  • Hot Oil Flushing

  • Chemical Cleaning

Under pipeline, the services include the following:

  • Pipeline Testing

  • Pipeline Drying

  • Pipeline Pigging

  • Pipeline Cleaning

  • Ultrasonic Pipeline Inspection

  • Assessment of pipelines

  • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning and Abandonment

  • Data Management

In the refinery and petrochemical sector, the following services are offered:

  • Hydrostatic Testing, Cleaning, Pigging, Drying

  • Hot Oil Flushing and Flange Management

  • Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

  • Decontamination and Chemical Cleaning

  • Purging with nitrogen

  • Ultrasonic Inspection of non-piggable Pipelines

You can view the other services on the official website of A.Hak Industrial Services.

Contact Information


For any query and information related to pipeline inspection, you have to fill the form on the website of the company.

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