ARSOPI - THERMAL, Equipamentos Térmicos, S.A.

ARSOPI-THERMAL has been an OEM manufacturer of Plate Heat Exchangers since 1992. The company is based in Vale de Cambra, Portugal, and is fully owned by ARSOPI Group. Group activities are focused mainly on the supply of Dairy & Food plants and high quality equipment for the Chemical, Petrochemical and Nuclear industries. Its association with leading Japanese manufacturer HISAKA WORKS, Ltd. has been a major input in ARSOPI’s gathered knowledge and experience. Once limited in its production capacity, ARSOPI-THERMAL took a big step forward by renewing its machinery. Thanks to the brand new multi-cylinder technology 20 000 Ton press, ARSOPI-THERMAL has now a world-class range of Plate Heat Exchangers to suit any needs: from small HVAC systems to big sized exchangers. They are aimed for the Petrochemical and Power Plants.

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