Cameron International is a Schlumberger company and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Before 2006, the company was called Cooper Cameron Corporation, CCC. Pressure control, processing, flow control, and compression system services are being provided by the company at the global level. It is regularly creating and enhancing technologies that can energize the industry. The different equipment manufactured by Cameron International are highly reliable and the services are appreciated worldwide. It has a large workforce and tries to provide the best customer experience.

Products & Services

Under the pressure control segment, Cameron International offers annular BOP, BOP control systems, ram-type BOP, BOP rectification, collet connectors, and various other equipment. All these equipment have advanced safety and functionality which increases the overall efficiency of the system. The BOPs are manufactured according to the exact standard and tolerances of the system.

Blowout Preventer Systems

Extensive range of BOP rams and ram packers are available that have comparatively lower operating cost. Under annular BOP, DL, T-84, and T- 90 variants are available. All these equipment are well manufactured keeping in mind the safety standards and the client requirements.

Contact Information

Any queries related to BOP and any other service requirements can be conveyed to Cameron International through their company website.

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