In the year 1964, Clarke Fire Protection Products sold its first diesel fire pump following which they moved a step ahead and started manufacturing their own UL/FM driver in 1980. In the present times, Clarke Fire Protection Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of diesel fire pump engines. With their engineering expertise and knack for problem-solving, Clarke has come up with fire protection product solutions for enhancing safety and reliability. Their products are also cost-effective and environment-friendly.  

Clarke Fire Protection Systems has a global footprint with two business centres in USA and Scotland. Further, the company has more than 300 authorized service locations globally. This fire protection service provider is taking every step to prioritize safety. Clarke engines are always available for installation across the globe.

Products & Services

The engine options available at Clarke Fire Protection Systems are:

  • Cooling Loops

  • Electric Motor Couplings

  • Falk Coupling

  • Driveshafts

  • Torsional Couplings

  • Bases

  • Alarms & Gauges

  • Guards

  • Starting Methods

  • Battery Kits

  • Air Cleaners

  • Exhaust

  • Tropicalization

  • Engine Instrument Panel

The pump room calculators available are:

  • Engine selection calculator

  • Exhaust backpressure calculator

  • Pump room ventilation calculator

  • Cooling loop calculator

  • Diesel fuel line sizing form

  • PLD Calculator

  • SPLD Calculator

  • Water temperature rise calculator

Clarke Fire Protection Systems also has other installation services available.

Contact Information

For any information and queries, you can either fill the form on the website of Clarke Fire Protection Systems or use the following contact details:


TEL: +1-513-475-3473
FAX: +1-513-771-0726


TEL: +44-1236-429-946
FAX: +44-1236-427-274

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