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When it comes to geothermal drilling services, Cougar Drilling Solutions is the oil and gas industry’s top-choice provider, with a specialized division dedicated exclusively to geothermal services. We have earned a reputation for providing tailored geothermal performance drilling, directional drilling, MWD, LWD and vibration management services.

At Cougar, we’re focused on finding creative ways to reduce the cost of drilling—with geothermal applications, this includes managing rig costs and reducing unproductive time. By combining specialized tools and expertise, we deliver stable, high quality wellbore to guarantee a predictable drilling process.

For geothermal applications, our tools are equipped with special high temperature seals to allow operation in high temperatures and harsh drilling conditions. We have a specialized geothermal product line of motors, jars, shock subs and mechanical thruster tools for volcanic, hydrothermal and hot rock drilling.

The following products each come equipped with high quality geothermal seals:

  • Drilling motors ­– Cougar MM4, MM4 Plus
  • Cougar mechanical thrusters™
  • Cougar jars
  • Cougar shock tool
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