Cougar Drilling Solutions

Contractors-General Oilfield Drilling Services

Cougar Drilling Solutions couples its fit-for-purpose technology with leading BHA design to increase the overall rate of penetration and save downhole drilling time of existing offset wells.

As part of our commitment to finding creative solutions to reduce the cost of drilling your wells, we have developed the intuitive Cougar MM4 and MM4 Plus motors to help you drill more efficiently. When combined with properly selected drill bits, the use of our optimized drilling motors ensures enhanced performance, greater reliability and improved borehole quality.

With the Cougar optimized performance drilling BHA, you can:

  • Select the proper motor/bit combination for specific application
  • Deliver a high level of continuous torque to the bit

Key performance drilling products include:

  • Drilling motors ­­­­– Cougar MM4, MM4 Plus
  • Cougar mechanical thrusters™
  • Cougar roller-reamers
  • Cougar bit-bull stabilizers
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