Destec Engineering Limited
On-Line Leak Sealing


A serious leak from a pipeline in a continuous process plant calls for a choice between three courses of action.

  1. The pipeline can be shut down for conventional repair.
  2. The leak can be left to blow, usually only for a limited time.
  3. The leak can be cured while the line remains at full PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE from sub-zero to 600degC and from vacuum to 6,000psi.

Applications include:

Nuclear Power Plants and Fossil Fuel Plants Refineries and Petrochemical Plants Steelworks Marine Offshore Paper Industry Food Industries Transmission Pipelines

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Destec on-line leak sealing service can prevent loss of energy without loss of production.

By the use of specialised techniques, perfected over many years of practical experience, many millions of pounds of wasted energy are saved each year. This is achieved without plant or system shutdown while operations continue at full pressure and temperature.