Destec Engineering Limited
On-Site Machining


Destec Engineering are able to provide a wide range of in-situ machining solutions including flange facing, stud removal, seal seat machining, line-boring, milling, drilling and many more. Our range of portable machinery and experienced technicians enable us to provide a versatile, global, 24hr service. Fast response in-situ machining is helping to minimise downtime whilst providing cost effective solutions during routine maintenance and emergency shutdowns.

Destec’s on-site machining services can make significant savings on heavy plant construction, modifications and maintenance.

Our engineers co-operate with clients on new plant and modifications, to give the most viable solutions for on-site machining.

The service division offers a rapid response for maintenance and breakdown situations.

Facing – Destec portable machines are equipped with variable speeds and automatic feeds to give good accurate surface finishes. Power feed tool posts can be set for tapers, profiles, spigots and boring.

Oval Facing – For manways including spigoted joints. Destec’s purpose built machines generate true elipses and machine to both fine and ‘gramaphone groove’ finishes.

Boring – Precision in line boring in any plane.

Pipe Cutting and Weld Preperation – Destec’s patented tooling system will cut the thickest pipes in the hardest materials.

Milling – Universal milling machines that cut in any position with large feed ranges to limit set ups.

Keyway Cutting – Direct on to shafts with minimum clearance required.

Drilling and Reaming – We have portable equipment to cover all diameters and depths.

Thread Cutting and Tapping – Screw cutting of internal threads in either smooth bores or the rectification of damaged threads. We also machine tap when required.

Trepanning – Machines can be adapted for trepanning to reduce machining cost and down time.

Regenerator and Vessel Head Removal – Destec has machines designed and developed in-house to machine through large vessel heads including refractory linings.

Welding – Welders are available for on-site welding including weld overlay work.