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DRILLMEC offers a complete range of Triplex Mud Pumps from 600 hp to 2400 hp diesel or electric AC – DC powered both 5000 and 7500 psi rated. All the mud pumps can be mounted on an oilfield skid or trailerized in order to favour fast moves. Before being installed all the single parts are checked and a quality code is assigned. After the final assembly every mud pump is severely tested in our test area.

DRILLMEC’s GD Series is the new generation of Gear Driven Triplex Mud Pumps in the ranging from 1600 to 2400 hp for both onshore and offshore drilling operations. The direct gear driven transmission between the AC motor and the cranshaft together with the top mounted configuration gives to the GD Series Mud Pumps a very compact design despite their high volume and high pressure capabilies.

GD Series Triplex Mud Pumps are equipped with P-Quip fast release system for valve cover, rod and liner.
The fluid end is suitable for a maximum working pressure of 7500 psi.


Product         Liner size             Stroke     Max Pressure     Rated      Transmission

                    In( min - max )       In               psi                  hp

7T450           4 1/2 - 5 1/2          7              3000              450           Belt and Chain

7TS600              4 - 7                 7              5000              600           Belt and Chain

9T1000          4 1/2 - 7               9              5000              1150         Belt and Chain

9T1300          4 1/2 - 7               9              5000              1300         Belt and Chain

12T1600       4 1/2 - 7 1/4          12            7500               1600         Belt and Chain

14T2200           5 - 9                  14            7500               1600         Belt and Chain

12T1600GD  4 1/2 - 7 1/2          12            7500               1600        Gear Driven

14T2400GD       5 - 9                 14            7500               2400        Gear Driven

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Drillmec Inc.

Drillmec is based in Italy and the company has expanded internationally in the field of design and construction of drilling and workover rigs. The company provides these services for onshore and offshore oil and gas industries.

Drillmec’s core principles are safety, environment, and innovation. Keeping these three at priority, the company wants to improve and grow continuously. It has a rich international experience of over 100 years which helps it to commit to high quality and emphatic efficiency throughout the whole process.