EGS Computers India Pvt Ltd is a mechanical engineering service provider with a domain experience of more than 25+ years, supporting various organizations on Product Design validation using Numerical Simulation (Finite Element Analysis / Computational Fluid Dynamics) and Solving Quality Requirements.

Products are validated using numerical tools as per standards such as ASME / MIL / DDAM / API to name a few, With our support on simulations, customers have benefited in reducing their Product Design & Development Time, Enhancing Product Reliability & Robustness, while reducing cost and weight of the product.

Our core activities include: -

  1. Product Development ranging from concept design to engineering drawing release
  2. Finite Element Simulations of products for their fit form and function
  3. Heat Transfer/ Thermal Simulations
  4. Fatigue/ Creep life calculations
  5. Vibration/ Seismic Simulations
  6. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) including HVAC
  7. Report Documentation for certification
  8. Dimensional Engineering Services using G D & T and Tolerance Stacks to solve Quality Issues

Year of incorporation 1993

Number of Employees 100 to 500

    Key People