Firetrace International provides fire suppression solutions for the oil & gas industry across the globe. The firm manufactures both pre-engineered and engineered fire suppression systems featuring 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, which is the world's most eco-friendly and sustainable fire extinguishing agent.

With the passage of time and experience, Firetrace has established itself as a global leader in special hazard fire protection. The firm provides both in cabinet and machine level fire suppression. It aims to protect high value or critical machinery and equipment and has also come up with new E4 Engineered Solutions for protection of large rooms.

Products & Services

  • Industrial Fire Suppression

  • On-Road Vehicles

  • Off-Road Vehicles

  • Police & Military

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Contact Information

World Headquarters:

+1 888 786 0780 (US & CA toll free)

+1 480 315 1316


+971 56 7599490

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