Laminar Enterprise
Chemical Cleaning Of Industrial Equipment

USD 1000 - USD 50000

Upstream Midstream Downstream

Compressors - Sales & Services Boiler Cleaning Equipment & Service Boilers-Chemicals Chemical Cleaning Chemical Cleaning-Industrial Storage - Tanks Pressure Vessels Miscellaneous Coolers And Condensers Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers Seamless Pipes And Tubes

We provide Chemical Cleaning Of Industrial Equipments Like, Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Pipe Lines, Columns, Compressor Jackets, Condensers, Tanks & Vessels, Hydraulic And Lube Oil Piping, Oxygen Pipelines, Fin Fan Coolers, Re-Boilers, Reactors & Jackets.

We are Providing Special Service For Following Fields

  1. Oxygen Pipe Lines & Oxygen processing Equipments.
  2. Pre & Post Operational Boiler Chemical Cleaning.
  3. Alkali Boil out
  4. Descaling
  5. Amine Degreasing
  6. Pickling & Passivation
  7. Decontamination of Vessels, Tanks & Columns
  8. Fin Fan Cleaning - Both Internal & External
  9. Solvent based Cleaning
  10. Nitriding
  11. Oil Flushing For Hydraulic & Lube Oil Lines
  12. All Pre-commissioning & Post Operational Cleaning
  13. Hydro Jetting
  14. Sand Blasting & Painting