Laminar Enterprise
Maintenance Of Static And Rotary Equipment

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Construction Erection & Maintenance Industrial Maintenance Maintenance And Modification Of Pumps And Rotating Equipment
  1. Heat Exchangers : Manual cleaning, Hydro Blasting, Turbining of Heat Exchanger Tubes, Cleaning of complete Heat Exchanger & Hydro testing.
  2. COLUMNS : Positive Isolation, Removal of Trays, Packing, Bubble caps, Packing rings of column-mechanical cleaning of internal wall of column, cleaning of internals, Repairing of Trays, Re-box up of Trays, loading of packing rings in column and Hydro test of column.
  3. Pressure Vessel & Spheres : Cleaning and Hydro testing of all Type of Vessels, Tanks, Spheres, Agitators. We aslo Provide a third party inspection for sphere testing.
  4. Furnace / Heaters : Repairs and Replacement of damaged tubes / coils, external cleaning of Tubes, water wash of convection & radiation zone.
  5. Reactors : Opening, Discharging of catalyst, cleaning & Inspection, Repair if any, Charging Of
    Catalyst, Hydro testing in Reactor, Grit blasting, and complete management of various Catalyst.
  6. Valves : Overhauling of all Types of valves like Gate/Globe Valve, N.R.V., Control Valve and Safety valve etc.
  7. Pumps : Annaining Leaks, High Unusual Noice, Extreme Vibrations, Corrosion, Overheating, Clogging
  8. Other Equipment : Maintenance of COMPRESSORS, GEARBOXES, Reciprocating pumps