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Gain insights into drilling rig manufacturers and suppliers that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

List Of Top Drilling Rig Manufacturers & Suppliers 

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    Atlas Copco Ltd

    Atlas Copco started its journey in 1873 in Stockholm, Sweden. The products and services provided...

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    Bentec Gmbh Drilling &...

    The company was founded in 1888 in Germany and was acquired by Preussag in 1990. In 1994, DEUTAG...

  • 3

    Drillmec Inc.

    Drillmec is based in Italy and the company has expanded internationally in the field of design...

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    Honghua Oil & Gas...

    Headquartered in Hong Kong, Honghua Oil & Gas Engineering Services Limited’s line of business...

  • 5

    Loadmaster Universal Rigs, Inc.

    US-based Loadmaster Universal Rigs, Inc. are one of the leading manufacturers of onshore and...

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    Care Industries.

    Canada-based Care Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of drilling and servicing...

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    Hyduke has been serving this industry from the past 40 years and has focused its services on...

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    Jereh Group

    Specializing in oil and gas, power and environmental management, Jereh is a global group with...

  • 9

    Dragon Products, Ltd

    Dragon Products Ltd is a US-based company which manufactures a wide range of products used in...

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    Trinidad Drilling is one of the leading manufacturers in the oil and gas industry. It has an...

Knowledge Grid

Gain insights into drilling rig manufacturers and suppliers that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

Considering the relevance of increasing oil and gas drilling operations, the role and relevance of drilling rigs have expanded manifold. Accessing the natural resources is unimaginable without advanced drilling rigs, evolving with the passage of time. It is important to find drilling rig companies with an excellent track record for the successful execution of oil and gas projects.

Frequently Asked Questions: Drilling Rig Manufacturers

How does Energy Dais help in finding the best Drilling Rigs?

For the successful execution of your projects, it is important to find an appropriate company with a good track record. We help you in connecting with the top drilling rig companies and get the best quotation.

What is the annual subscription model of Energy Dais?

We have designed affordable annual subscription plans which would help you get leads for your business. You can have a look at our pricing chart at These plans are customized according to the specific needs and requirements of your business.

How do I get my company listed at Energy Dais?

You can list your company at Energy Dais once you get registered with us by creating an account. Visit to join now.

Which countries do you cover with respect to Drilling Rigs?

We have listed some of the prominent companies from India, the MENA region and the North America region.

Which regions are leading the global Drilling Rigs market?

According to a recent market research report, Latin America is estimated to be the largest market in the offshore drilling industry, followed by Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific market is projected to lead the offshore drilling rigs market by the year 2019, with an estimated market size of $20.7 billion, followed by Latin America with $20.38 billion, and Africa with $19.62 billion.

What is an Automated Drill rig?

An automated drill rig (ADR) is a top in league automated full-sized walking land-based drill rig that drills long lateral sections in horizontal wells for the oil and gas industry. They are agile rigs with the potential to move fast to new well sites. Each ADR costs about $25 million and thus, can spike the investments.

Why should I get a custom quote for Drilling Rigs?

A custom quote for drilling rigs will be according to your requirement. This will allow you to get the best rates for drilling rigs from drilling rig companies across the globe. We work on a zero commission and zero referral fee business model, eliminating any unnecessary expense. We maintain complete transparency, which means that the buyers and suppliers can directly communicate through our platform and negotiate the prices. All this comes at a reasonable annual fee from manufacturers and suppliers who subscribe to our plans.

What are the benefits of subscribing to your plans?

Energy Dais is a transparent oil and gas directory where equal opportunities are provided to all manufacturers and service providers to showcase their products. It gives you a chance to be visible in the higher positions of the directory. We understand that every company has a specific budget for marketing itself in the market. Thus, we offer a pretty reasonable pricing chart for companies. We make sure that you get the best quotation for your products and services. Here, you will be at an advantage with respect to drilling rigs.

Can I find drilling rigs according to my location?

Yes. We help you find the best drilling rigs irrespective of your location. We simplify your search for the best drilling rigs by connecting you with the top drilling rig companies at zero cost and according to your budget and business requirement.

Can Energy Dais help me with logistics and Inspection?

Yes. We use third-party companies to provide best quotations for your shipment and inspection of manufactured goods. We make sure that you get quality products from the manufacturer at the best price.

What are the various drilling techniques?

The various drilling techniques employed in the oil and gas industry are Auger drilling, RAB drilling, Air core drilling, Cable tool drilling, Reverse Circulation drilling, Diamond core drilling, and Hydraulic Rotary Drilling.

What are Direct Push rigs?

Various drilling rigs and drilling equipment are included in the Direct Push technology. Direct push rigs include both cone penetration testing (CPT) rigs and direct push sampling rigs such as a PowerProbe or Geoprobe. However, these rigs are generally limited to drilling in unconsolidated soil materials and rock soft in nature.