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Gain insights into freight forwarder companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

List Of Global Freight Forwarder Companies 

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  • Active Freight Management Ltd

    We are an international freight forwarder, providing air & ocean forwarding, project logistics,...

  • Tokyo Freight Service WLL. Doha. Qatar had commenced its operations in 1992 and is one of the...

  • National Association Of...

    The National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) was founded in Dubai in February 1992...

  • Petrasco Middle East

    Petrasco was founded in 1974 as an international freight forwarder specialising in serving the...

  • Noble Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

    Noble Shipping Pvt. Ltd. (NSPL) started its commercial operations in 2002 as a Freight Forwarder...

  • Mosaco Shipping & Forwarding Llc

    Mosaco Shipping and forwarding is recognized as one of the leading freight forwarders of the...

  • Merit Freight Systems Co. Llc

    MERIT FREIGHT SYSTEMS CO. LLC - Freight Forwarders who build trust and confidence with their...

  • Rapid Freight International Llc

    International freight forwarder that manages your logistical requirments via ocean, air, land &...

  • Dcfc Logistics & Distribution Llc

    Established in 1972 as one of the first Shipping agent and freight forwarders in Dubai, DCFC has...

  • Delivery World Llc

    Delivery World - is an International Freight Forwarder, specializing in delivery to Russian...

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Knowledge Grid

Gain insights into freight forwarder companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

Clearing agents and Freight Forwarders play a pivotal role in the transportation of oil and gas across geographies. With a wide range of experience and expertise of freight forwarders and clearing agents, it is made sure that the operations are smooth, cost and time efficient across the global oil and gas community.

Frequently Asked Questions: Freight Forwarders

What is Distribution logistics?

Distribution Logistics is an important area of planning in exports. Distribution logistics refers to the process of physical flow of goods from the place of exporter to the location of importer, at right time, with minimal cost.

What is the range of services provided by the Clearing agents and Freight Forwarders?

The Clearing and Freight Forwarders provide a diverse range of services to exporters for ensuring smooth and timely shipment of goods. They are the ones who select mode and route of transport and guide in the selection of the shipping line/air line. They try to achieve optimal cost in transporting the goods, well within the delivery schedule. They also undertake the responsibility of marking, labeling, packing of goods, advising on trade laws, arranging local transportation as well as apprising developments on transportation and claiming duty drawback claims on behalf of the exporter.

What are the responsibilities of Freight forwarders?

To be precise, freight forwarders are responsible for maintaining the security of business of various exporters and importers. They store cargo of the respective clients at their warehouse. Usually, all big freight forwarders have their own warehouses. As per the instructions of their client, they arrange the distribution or “forwarding” of the cargo. They are the ones who negotiate freight rates with the shipping line to cover the interest of their clients. Then, they book the cargo with the shipping line in sync with their client’s requirement.

What are the challenges w.r.t tender management for the freight forwarders?

A huge part of most freight forwarder’s business comes from responding to tenders. Since the volume of these bids is so high, and the process so complex, they put a lot of pressure on resources. Thus, across the global oil and gas community, freight forwarders need to focus more on enhancing the tender management process just to make sure that they are bidding accurately and fast, and on the best types of business for them.

What are the costs involved in these services?

There are no standardized rates for the services provided by the clearing agents and freight forwarders. Depending on the range of services and the competence of the clearing agent and the freight forwarders, the exporter negotiates the fees.

Why is the role of Clearing and Freight Forwarders crucial?

Clearing and Freight Forwarders are the crucial link between the owners of goods and owners of means of transport. Being an expert in their respective field, they help cargo owners in efficient movement of goods to the buyers by completing a number of procedures and documentation. They are aware of the laws and regulations governing shipment of goods.

Who are Freight Forwarders?

Freight forwarders are the agents who provide services associated with the carriage, consolidation, storage, handling, packing or distribution of goods. They also take care of the ancillary and advisory services. However, the services are not limited to customs and fiscal matters, declaration of the goods for official purposes, procurement of insurance for the goods and collection of payment or documents associated with the goods.

What are the top challenges faced by the Freight forwarders today?

Competition, commoditization, ocean volatility, tender management and rate of change are the key challenges for this industry in the present times.

What are the responsibilities of a Clearing agent?

The responsibility of the customs clearance aspect of the business is upon the Clearing Agent. Clearing agent is usually a company accredited with the local customs authorities, border agencies, port etc. It ensures the arrangement of all the relevant documents at customs and customs inspections as required. It checks and processes Duty and VAT payments as applicable and applies for refunds etc. wherever applicable. If not registered or acting as freight forwarders, a Clearing agent cannot issue own bills of lading.

How should the Clearing agents and the Freight forwarders be selected?

Selection of a competent clearing agents and freight forwarders is highly important for the smooth completion of export contract. The fees depends on experience of the clearing agents and the freight forwarders in the product or country exported and also, on the frequency of exports of the exporter. Moreover, the bargaining capacity of the mutual parties also decides the fee amount.