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Gain insights into fraking companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

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    Acctive Oilfield Inspection Inc. is an Alberta based service company established in 1995. The...

Knowledge Grid

Gain insights into fraking companies that are leading the segment, with Energy Dais Growth Quadrant. The Energy Dais Growth Quadrant is based on digital presence, revenue growth, user satisfaction and other factors.

Fracking is significantly shaping the present and future of the oil and gas industry. This improved drilling method contributes substantially to a more productive and efficient extraction process. To help you achieve the best results, we will get you the best quote for fracking from fracking companies across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions: Fracking

How does Energy Dais help in finding the best fracking tool and services?

For the successful execution of your projects, it is important to find an appropriate company with a good track record. We help you in connecting with the top fracking companies and get the best quotation.

What is the annual subscription model of Energy Dais?

We have designed affordable annual subscription plans which would help you get leads for your business. You can have a look at our pricing chart by clicking here: These plans are customized according to the specific needs and requirements of your business.

How do I get my company listed at Energy Dais?

You can list your company at Energy Dais once you get registered with us by creating an account. To join now, click on this link:

Which countries do you cover with respect to fracking?

We have listed some of the prominent companies from India, the MENA region and the North America region.

What are the advantages of fracking?

Fracking has certain advantages such as, the US Shale boom has been attributed to fracking consequently, reducing their reliance on other oil producing nations; lower carbon emissions; creation of numerous job opportunities as it involves a lot of processes.

What are the standard equipment used for fracking?

Operated across a range of pressure and injection rates depending upon the well type, the equipment used in the fracking activity are: Slurry blender for mixing the fracking fluid, Triplex or Quintuplex pumps, Monitoring equipment, Fracturing fluid tanks, Proppant storage tanks, Chemical additive unit, High-pressure treating iron, Low-pressure flexible hoses and various meters and gauges.

What are the commonly used gels in fracking fluid?

The most commonly used gels used in fracking fluids are Aluminium Phosphate- Ester Oil Gels, Conventional Linear Gels, Borate-Crosslinked Fluids and Organometallic-Crosslinked Fluids.

What are the criteria of selection of proppants?

The various factors considered in selecting the proppants are: its permeability, strength and viscosity, pH level along with its cost and accessibility.

Why should I get a custom quote for fracking?

A custom quote for fracking will be according to your requirement. This will allow you to get the best rates from fracking companies across the globe. We work on a zero commission and zero referral fee business model, eliminating any unnecessary expense. We maintain complete transparency, which means that the buyers and suppliers can directly communicate through our platform and negotiate the prices. All this comes at a reasonable annual fee from manufacturers and suppliers who subscribe to our plans.

What are the benefits of subscribing to our plans?

Energy Dais is a transparent oil and gas directory where equal opportunities are provided to all manufacturers and service providers to showcase their products. It gives you a chance to be visible in the higher positions of the directory. We understand that every company has a specific budget for marketing itself in the market. Thus, we offer a pretty reasonable pricing chart for companies. We make sure that you get the best quotation for your products and services. Here, you will be at an advantage with respect to fracking, fracking tools and fracking services.

Can I find fracking tools and fracking services according to my location?

Yes. We help you find the best fracking tools and services irrespective of your location. We simplify your search by connecting you with top fracking companies in your location, according to your budget and business requirement.

Can Energy Dais help me with logistics and Inspection?

Yes. We use third-party companies to provide best quotations for your shipment and inspection of manufactured goods. We make sure that you get quality products from the manufacturer at the best price.

What are the disadvantages of fracking?

There are certain challenges that the environment and the people experience owing to fracking, which are, noise and water pollution, carbon emissions from the tankers used in the process, wastage of millions of gallons of water in the activity, water contamination and exposure of workers to carcinogenic chemicals.

Which fracturing fluids and additives are commonly used in fracking?

Fracturing fluid is often called ‘slickwater’ and varies across a slurry of fluids such as water, proppants, chemical additives, gels, foams, and compressed gases like nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. The fracturing fluid typically consists of 3 to 12 chemical additives such as, Acids, Salts, Carbonates, Polyacrylamide, Glutaraldehyde, Ethylene Glycol, Isopropanol and Guar Gum.

What is the role of Proppants in fracking?

After the rock has been fractured, the fracturing fluid might seep back into the cavity thus further extending the fracture. Once the fluid pressure ceases, the fracture might reclose owing to the pressure from the rock strata above. At this moment, a proppant is employed to prevent the fracture from closing once the fluid pressure has been removed.

What is meant by Green Fracking?

Scientists are of the view that if carbon dioxide is added in the fracking fluid mixture instead of water, it can help in fighting global warming. A National Geographic report reveals that fracking can be ‘green’ as well. GasFrac, a Canadian energy firm, employs a gel-based medium for well injection, which is created with propane and a few other common chemicals that are already present in our water treatment facilities. The idea is to use hydrocarbons to produce hydrocarbons which is a more sustainable cycle.