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  • National Oilwell Varco

    Throughout every region in the world and across every area of drilling and production, our family of companies has provided the technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support necessary for success. We have the people, capabilities and vision to serve the needs of a challenging and evolving industry. One the world can’t live...

    1b - 10b
  • Goma Engineering Private Limited

    At GOMA, the client’s needs are of utmost importance, and in that regard every task is aimed at achieving results over and above what is expected by the customers. Every project is seen as an endeavour to foster the businesses of clients, suppliers, and the company, thus promoting mutual acceleration amongst all the stakeholders...

  • White Star Pump Company

    White Star Pump designs, manufactures, and services high-performance mud pumps for oil and gas-drilling operations worldwide. From Ideco-interchangeable parts to ready-to-ship, fully unitized mud pumps, White Star has the solution you need to increase operational efficiency and maximize profits — offshore or on land

    10m - 20m
    10 to 50
  • Drillmec Inc.

    Drillmec is an international leader in design and manufacturing of drilling and workover rigs for onshore and offshore applications. It specializes in hydraulic rigs up to 600 metric tons, masts&subs up to 2,500,000 Ibs HL and complete drilling rig packages. Other products include hydraulic and electric top drives, DC & AC drawworks, mud pumps etc.

  • Drillers Supply International

    Drillers Supply International is a quality manufacturer of replacement parts for the wide variety of mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, rig parts, and swivel parts found on the World market today. A highly trained staff uses state-of-the-art equipment and proven quality control methods to produce the finest pump replacement parts found in the market today.

  • Cameron (A Schlumberger Company)

    Cameron engineers, designs, and manufactures flow and pressure control technologies for customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide. A global organization provides support and delivers services using these leading technologies.

  • Atec Diversified Llc

    We started doing business in WY. in 1992 serving oil and gas service companies, drilling rig contractors, and oil and gas producers. We have fabricated flow lines, meter runs, well pad hook ups, piping for gas compressors, drilling mud plants, jet fuel systems, and piping in tank farms.

  • China Pump & Valve Group

    Shandong Yidu Valve Factory is one of the biggest iron & steel valve manufacturers in Asia since 1961. The valves are sold in 49 countries,most of the clients are world famous valve manufacturers and buyers from USA,Japan,UK,Saudi & Germany.


Frequently Asked Questions: Mud Pumps

What is a Mud Pump?

A mud pump is a reciprocating pump employed to circulate drilling fluids (mud) at high pressure through a well during drilling operations.

What are the uses of a Mud Pump?

A drilling rig mud pump plays a crucial role in making the entire drilling operation smooth and safe. It is used to circulate drilling fluid or drilling mud into the bore hole to cool, lubricate and clean the drill head as it bores into the ground. The drilling mud is also used in suspension and carrying out of drill cuttings from the drill head as it is brought in and out of the hole. This ensures that the drill does not clog and overheat.

Which is the most popular type of mud pumps in the oil and gas industry?

The most widely used mud pumps across the industry are Triplex Reciprocating Pumps. Their application has gained immense popularity with time because they are 30% lighter than duplex reciprocating pumps with relatively less operational cost. Moreover, through these pumps the discharge of mud is smooth and they are capable of moving large volume of mud at higher pressure.

What are the different parts of a Mud Pump?

The different parts of a mud pump are Housing itself, Liner with packing, Cover plus packing, Piston and piston rod, Suction valve and discharge valve with their seats, Stuffing box (only in double-acting pumps), Gland (only in double-acting pumps), and Pulsation dampener. A mud pump also includes mud pump liner, mud pump piston, modules, hydraulic seat pullers along with other parts.

How is the maintenance of a Mud Pump carried out?

The wearing parts of a mud pump should be checked frequently for repairing needs or replacement. The wearing parts include pump casing, bearings, impeller, piston, liner, etc. Advanced anti-wear measures should be taken up to enhance the service life of the wearing parts. This can effectively bring down the project costs and improve production efficiency.

What are the features of a Mud Pump?

With a simple structure, a mud pump can be easily disassembled and its maintenance can be taken care of. It has a smooth operation, small vibration and low noise. Mud pumps have the capacity to deliver high concentration and high viscosity suspended slurry. The absorption ability of mud pumps is really high, and thus can suck liquid directly without bottom valve.

What are the different types of Mud Pumps?

According to the ‘acting type’, mud pumps can be classified as Single Acting Pumps and Double Acting Pumps. According to the quantity of liners, mud pumps can be categorized into Triplex Reciprocating Pumps (with three pistons) and Duplex Reciprocating Pumps (with two pistons).

What is the composition of a Mud Pump?

Generally, a normal mud pump consists of mainly two sub-assemblies- the Fluid End and the Power End.

How is the performance of a Mud Pump ensured?

A mud pump’s performance can be measured on the basis of two parameters- Displacement and Pressure.

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