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Heavy Duty C.I. / C.S. / S.S. / Alloy 20 Horizontal Centrifugal Process Pumps ::

  • Shaft with sleeve is designed not to contact pumping liquid and free from crevice corrosion.
  • The pumps are designed in wide range of capacity with high efficiency.
  • Shaft is sealed with gland packing or mechanical seal.
  • Casings are designed as "foot support" and " Back-pull-out " type so that rotating assembly and seal are easily dissembled or assembled without disconnecting main pipings.
  • Standard coupling is star rubber coupling.
  • Mechanical Seal : High Allumina Ceramic v/s Glass Filled Teflon.
  • Sleeve : High Allumina Ceramic or Metallic.


Open, single suction type, casted in one piece. All impellers are statically and hydraulically balanced to ensure smooth operation. Back wall of Impeller is provided with ejector vanes following the same curvature of the main vanes of the Impeller which prevents entrance and jamming of solid materials between Impeller and casting wall.

Mechanical Seal

In place of the conventional stuffing box pack-ing, pump can be provided, on order, with mechanical seal. Where mechanical seals are wanted, it is necessary to know all the char-acteristics of the liquid to be pumped, together with the temperature.

When seals are used, a shaft sleeve of AISI 361 stainless steel is recommended in all con-struction to protect the shaft from corrosion inside the box.

:: Horizontal Pump ::

P.P. Horizontal Process Pump With Priming Chamber Cum Strainer Cumsightglass

Shaft Sleeve
Shaft sleeve is shouldered on shaft behind impeller and cover full length of shaft from impeller to bearing housing. Seals by compression between shaft sleeve and impeller hub. Hook type shaft sleeve is free to expand or contract with temperature fluctuations.

1. Main Body 2. Impeller 3. Key 4. Impeller Nut 5. Back Cover 6. Steel Shaft. 7. Latern Ring 8. Gland Packing 9.Gland Follower 10. Bearing Cover 11. Ball Bearing 12. Bearing Housing. 13. Collar 14. Ball bearing 15. Bearing Cover 16. Key 17. Lov joy Couple. 18. Shaft Sleeve.

Source :- http://www.plastopumps.com/heavy+duty+alloy+horizontal+centrifugal+process+pumps.html

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Plasto Pumps & Valves

Plasto Pumps & Valves was established in 2001 by promoters having over a decade experience in the pump industry. During our early stage of working with the pump industry and specially in the Chemical pump section ,we found that the main problem faced by the user of Chemical pumps was leakage from the seal and maintenance & breakdown occurring frequently due to it. To resolve the above main problem of the pump user, we found that Seal-less pumps with Magnetic drive technology was the perfect solution. Hence we started our production of Seal-less Magnetic Drive pumps under the brand name of Plasto.


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