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Complete contact parts are made from Polypropylene, metal shaft is encapsulated in Polypropylene heavy duty sleeve. These pumps ensures excellent performance while handling corrosive and hazardeous chemicals like HCL, H2SO4HNO3 and low to high Ph chemicals.

Pump Bearing

Bearing housing consists of three bearings, for giving smooth, torque-free balanced drive.

Pump Impeller

Impeller is micro balanced to provide frictionless flow.

Pump Cooling

Though internal cooling spray nozzle is already provided, me-chanical seal can be kept cool either by storage of ample water : both the options are provided.

Pump Gland

Gland suction design is excellent for positive suction.

Unique Zero Leakage Features

€¢ Suction to discharge flow-way is directed to crease negative pressure on mechanical seal. Hence, ensures optimum leakage-free service, even it mechanical seal fails. €¢ It also facilitates to create empty chamber just operating suction and discharge valves respectively before stopping the pump.

Priming Chamber Cum Strainer Cum Sightglass

Priming Chamber is Specially designed for giving speciality to centrifugal pump to use as a self priming system.

Other speciality is in-built strainer to strain foreign particals, stopping severe damage to the pump. Special sizable toughned glass is attached indicating the strained deposited material, and also to check the flow passing on-line. Allows easy cleaning by removing glass.

Source:- http://www.plastopumps.com/polypropylene+tripod+mounted+vertical+centrifugal+process+pumps.html

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Plasto Pumps & Valves

Plasto Pumps & Valves was established in 2001 by promoters having over a decade experience in the pump industry. During our early stage of working with the pump industry and specially in the Chemical pump section ,we found that the main problem faced by the user of Chemical pumps was leakage from the seal and maintenance & breakdown occurring frequently due to it. To resolve the above main problem of the pump user, we found that Seal-less pumps with Magnetic drive technology was the perfect solution. Hence we started our production of Seal-less Magnetic Drive pumps under the brand name of Plasto.


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