PRE-heat, Inc., specializes in Custom Industrial air-to-air Heat Exchangers and Packaged Heat Recovery Systems. We have been designing and building industrial, packaged air-to-air heat recovery units for over 23 years.

Our custom designed packaged heat exchanger assemblies include our proprietary designed plate type heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers. By adding inlet and outlet plenums, expansion joints, bypass ducts and dampers, insulation and cladding, our heat exchanger assemblies meet in the field with our OEM customer's fume combustion chambers to form a high quality, high efficiency catalytic or thermal recuperative fume incinerator package.

Even with today's ultra high efficiency regenerative fume incinerators, there is generally enough heat available that our competitively priced insulated exchangers are widely used as secondary exchangers to PRE-heat make-up-air back to the process or the building.

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