About the Company

Formed in 1993, Pure Technologies began its journey as a part-time company whose work included remote structural monitoring using SoundPrint technology. The company entered into pipeline inspection in 1997 with an aim to identify and provide solutions for risky pipelines before they fail.

Pure Technologies works extensively for oil and gas including many others. It has now become a world leader of technologies like inspection, monitoring, and management of critical infrastructure. The patented technologies of the company are being used globally to help utility operators to maximize their capital budget for rehabilitation and replacement program.

Products & Services 

The solutions provided by Pure Technologies for the oil and gas industry are:

  • PIG tracking

  • Above ground inspection

  • Inline Inspection

  • Cathodic Protection

  • Integrity Data Management

Contact Information

For any query and information related to pipeline inspection, you can contact Pure Technologies either by filling the form available on its website or by using the following details:

+971 (02) 626-5525

Emergency hotline number:


+1 (905) 624-1040

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