RG Petro-Machinery is a Chinese company that deals with the manufacturing of petroleum drilling equipment. It is a stock company, reorganized from Nanyang petroleum machinery plant. The company offers 12 series of products in 200 kinds, and the equipment provided by RG Petro include top drive drilling equipment, mud pumps, hoisting. There are various other varieties of equipment and related spare parts available.

RG Petro-Machinery studies oil and gas equipment and tries to improve and develop better products for its customers. It aims at becoming one of the world’s top advanced integration oil & gas equipment manufacturers and services suppliers.

Products & Services

  • Drilling Rig

  • Workover Rig

  • Pumping Unit and Petroleum Special Vehicles

  • Hoisting Equipment and Mast

  • Rotating Equipment and Wellhead Tools

  • Mud Pump Unit and Solid Control System

  • Petroleum Components and Assemble

  • Diesel Generator Set and Electrical Control System

  • Oilwell Logging and Testing Equipment

Visit the official website to view their complete range of products and services.

Contact Information

For any information and queries you can either fill the form on the website of the company or use the following details:

Tel:+86 377 63577535 (For English)
            63577530 (For English)

Tel:+86 377 63577528 (For Russia)
            63577527 (For Russia)

Fax:+86-377 63577539

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