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At SBL, we offer end-to-end business transformation (BT) services that enable enterprises to effectively manage their operational processes. Our smart and cost-effective offerings help organizations streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

Our BT offerings address key strategic issues, automate routine tasks, and help firms grow with their desired flexibility and speed.

Our BT offerings cater to multiple industries including genealogy, logistics, education, retail, mining, forest and environment, civil engineering, archaeology, and publishing among others.

We serve clients across geographies, most notably in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia and are increasingly expanding our footprint in the European and North American market.

We provide the following services in the business transformation space:



Stringent regulatory norms have made it imperative for organizations to define and stabilize their finances and accounts.

Our solutions help firms to focus on their core business activities by relieving them of the burden of reporting their financial transactions.

With hands-on expertise with the latest software, we offer complete finance and accounting solutions under one roof. Our competent professionals ensure speed, accuracy, transparency, and total security of sensitive data.

With standardized frameworks ensuring long-term value.



Our integrated digitization services help organizations easily convert their documents into digital assets and preserve them for the future. Delivering high-quality output with the latest tools and techniques, we have the expertise to handle the complete process, from beginning to end.

Reliable and cost-effective, our digitization services are backed by the latest software and applications, helping us meet different requirements with ease. Our team is capable of providing high-quality output according to the specifications provided by our clients.



We have proven expertise in providing top-class genealogical and historical data transcription services in English and other languages including Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Latin, Welsh, French, Spanish, Croatian, Portuguese etc. We have a highly experienced, award-winning team that offers excellent data accuracy through transcription.

With the meticulous attention to detail, we are best known for our quick TAT and high accuracy of data. We make use of the best tools and techniques to provide high-quality output even for old and barely readable documents.

We boast of a proven track record of over 9 years of service for the genealogy industry.




Our high-end digital publishing solutions help organizations create value across the product development lifecycle. With state-of-the-art delivery infrastructure and lean digital production workflow, we offer customized solutions to enterprises, drastically reducing production lead time.

The use of our powerful on-demand and customizable platform enables us to easily control and streamline complicated publishing processes. Through cutting-edge automated solutions, we can drastically shorten the digital product development cycle and create enriched digital content.

With tried and tested digital publishing solutions, we allow organizations to give readers what they want in their preferred format on their chosen device, thereby improving customer retention.




We offer primary and secondary research services aligning with the business goals of organizations. Providing critical information regarding current trends and behavior of customers, our market research solutions empower enterprises with valuable statistics.

Our research experts collect valuable data that help firms gain useful and important insights about different aspects of their respective domains. With meticulous data collection from public and non-public sources, we equip businesses with critical information that they can use to improve efficiency and productivity.

We work with the latest tools to collect data from multiple sources and identify pain points of customers. In addition, we offer customized recommendation based on the data gathered. We engage with industry experts to aid our research team.




Our staff augmentation services help organizations bring the best talent on board. We have a large database of potential candidates that is updated on a regular basis.

Prior to selection, we understand the requirements of our clients and the skill sets they are looking for in a candidate. Be it a single resource or a team, we strive to provide the most suitable candidates for the job.

A thorough understanding of the business goals of our clients is critical to success. Our client-centric approach during the entire recruitment life cycle helps us discover the right talent. Our staffing methodology focuses on the key drivers to achieve success.

Focusing on client priorities, we make sure our recruiting team responds to all staffing needs in a timely and effective manner. Our domain and skill-specific recruiting abilities make us one of the most reliable staff augmentation firms in the country.



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