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We offer a range of geospatial services that combines cost-effectiveness, speed, and reliability. Highly valued in the industry, our geospatial services address requirements of the mining, infrastructure, agriculture, and the healthcare sectors.

Our geospatial solutions provide organizations with expert data collection and analysis they can use to enhance their functionality. Integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology (IT).

Our strategic and result-oriented geospatial solutions are backed by professionals well-versed in a range of software tools and techniques. We help firms explore data from a geospatial perspective to boost revenues.

In the rapidly changing world of technology, where local intelligence is gaining momentum, we lead the way towards developing specific and creative geospatial offerings.



Our line of cost-effective image processing services allows organizations to analyze satellite images and use them to create maps and 3D models of terrains.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, our image processing offerings are tailor-made to meet unique challenges and organizational requirements.

Our image processing offerings extensively support GIS projects undertaken by organizations by helping them obtain reliable measurements of physical objects.

Using software such as Ortho master and Orthovista, we remove lens distortion and relief displacement of aerial images, delivering outputs in the desired formats.

We use a combination of UAV post processing and industry-standard photogrammetry software like INPHO and DATEM, to create various 3D stereo and digital elevation models that can be used for various commercial, environmental and governance requirements.




With highly skilled resources adept in the latest software and documentation processes, we offer integrated geo-terrain based services. Capable of handling raw imagery and data, our geo-terrain services are tailor-made to provide accurate and cost-effective information about various terrains.

Our geo-terrain offerings aid enterprises to precisely measure topography and complex canopy attributes. With a multi-disciplinary team boasting of cross-domain knowledge, we conduct specific analysis to offer accurate and integrated data within a short time.

Through our solutions, we can capture and produce highly detailed terrain representation used for generation of high-quality orthophotos. A multi-disciplinary approach enables us to aid enterprises in making an accurate judgment about different terrains.




Our cutting-edge mapping services find their application in both public and private sectors. With years of experience in the domain, we offer integrated mapping services that help organizations to successfully complete their needs

By using high-end GIS software, we offer parcel mapping, forestry mapping and thematic mapping that are beneficial to a variety of industries including agriculture, transportation, engineering, telecom, power, oil and gas, water and drainage, and forestry.

Backed by years of experience in mapping services, our technical team is well-aware of the needs of the industry. Organizations can make use of our mapping solutions for commercial and residential purposes.




We offer end-to-end Building Information Modelling (BIM) services that give our clients complete control of their projects. Our expertise lies in developing highly precise and accurate structural architectural BIM models at par with international standards.

As one of the leading ISO-accredited technology companies, we have a highly experienced GIS team capable of delivering 3D wire frames from data obtained through LiDAR and aerial photography surveys.

Through a well-coordinated collaborative environment involving various stakeholders, our BIM services ensure better-decision making during the entire life-cycle of a project. This leads to efficient project delivery and savings to the current asset maintenance.

Our BIM services aid in:-
Efficient and useful sharing of data across multiple disciplines and platforms
Crafting live and editable databases, accessible to multiple parties
Designing data sets that allow seamless integration of other sets to allow bespoke queries
3D City Modelling (LOD1, LOD2, LOD3, and LOD4)




As one of the premier providers of GIS services in the country, our team of has in-depth experience in all the phases of the GIS life-cycle. Our consultants understand and analyze the bottlenecks of GIS projects and applications, to come up with innovative solutions.

Our team listens, responds, and acts promptly to help enterprises make the most out of their GIS applications. We also provide assistance with understanding all aspects of a new GIS software, thereby expediting business operations.



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