High Capacity Hydraulic Rotating Liner Hanger (new)


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Deploy heavy liners in drilldown applications

Reduce costs and time by deploying heavy and long liners in drilldown applications with the premium high-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger (HCHR). This hydraulic-set, hydraulic-release hanger is engineered for deepwater and deep land and offshore wells, even in HPHT conditions, with a slip-cone design that distributes axial and radial loading through the hanger body and provides increased hanging capacity over cone-type hangers.

Minimize risks of premature setting

An antipreset mechanism prevents the hanger from being set before the hydraulic setting mechanism is activated, and fully pocketed slips reduce running and rotating interference in drilldown applications. When enough pressure has been applied to the system and the slips have been set, the high-performance bearing enables rotation during cementing to improve cement integrity.


  • Deepwater and deep onshore wells
  • High-pressure, high-temperature environments
  • Well applications requiring hanging heavy liners
  • Drilldown applications
  • Vertical and horizontal wells


  • Slip-cone design that delivers lower and more uniform stresses in casing and mandrel, providing enhanced hanging capacity
  • Hydraulic setting mechanism
  • Slip-cone design that eliminates cone collapse
  • Slip design and hardness compatibility with high-grade casing
  • Antipreset mechanism that aids in completon of challenging wells
  • High-performance bearing that allows rotation of heavy liners during cementing
  • Fully pocketed slips that reduce running and rotating interference in drilldown application
  • Standard premium connectins

Rated up to 2,400,000 lbm [1,088,621 kg]

rated up to 204 degC [400 degF]

Source : https://www.slb.com/completions/well-completions/liner-hangers/hchr-liner-hanger

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