API 16A /Blowout preventer/ Double Ram BOP/Mini type Double Ram BOP
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API 16A /Blowout preventer/ Double Ram BOP/Mini type Double Ram BOP


 Hydraulic ram BOP is the important component of well drillig control equipment. It has the features: rapid open, labor-saving operation, easy maintenance, use for safe and so on.

 Ram BOP is mainly composed of housing, side gate, hydro-cylinder, cylinder cap, piston, piston rod, lock shaft, sealing parts, ram, etc. Oil well's sealing or opening is achieved by moving ram, which is driven by piston rod and piston with hydraulic force.Compared with products of other structures, the product has the following characteristics:

1- The combined type hinge seat makes it's convenient to maintain and disassemble theproduct.

2- In order to guarantee the reliable sealing, the shaft sealing parts are locked by stainless plates and screws.

3- Seal ring of the side gate adopts reinforced rubber material to guarantee side gate's lifespan and its reliable seal.

4- The ram structure makes it's easy to change the rubber core and fore rubber core on the ram. The floating top rubber core can increase the seal reliability. A leading block,which mounted on the foreside of ram assembly, makes the drilling tools have automatic centering function.

5- The horizontal secondary seal equipment of side gate piston rod and sealing leakage hole not only guarantee the exchange ability of the side gate, but make leakage checking and secondary sealing operation be convenient.

6- Guide rib in the ram chamber of the housing can limit the moving direction of the ram.

7- The two-way seal of piston rod can prevent the inter-leakage between well fluid and hydraulic oil. And installation and dismantling of packing set is convenient.

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