Siti Energy Limited (SEL) is a Company incorporated for Natural Gas Business like City Gas Distribution (CGDN), Natural Gas Pipeline, Power projects, in India. SEL is presently developing CGDN Project in western U.P. and has planned to expand in other cities. It also has plans to enter Power Generation of different capacities and sizes. SEL is promoted by Essel Group which has varied national and global business interests in media and newspaper publishing, content broadcasting, film exhibition, theme parks, infrastructure development, lamitube manufacturing, etc. SEL is working with clear objective to generate, accumulate, transmit, distribute, purchase, sell and supply any sources of energy whether from conventional sources such as Natural Gas, Oil, Diesel, Thermal, Hydro, Nuclear or from non conventional sources such as Tide, Wind, Solar and Geothermal including operation & maintenance and supply of energy source to be used for any purpose on a commercial basis to any customers or bulk distributors and to construct, lay down, establish gas transportation and distribution network power/energy generating station including building structures, works, machineries, equipments, cables and to under take or to carry on business of managing, owning, controlling, erecting, commissioning, operating, running, leasing or transferring to the third person, power/ energy plants and to act as consultant and advisors in relation to the business aforementioned with a clear vision.

Revenue 1b - 10b USD  


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