Expediting services


Expediting Services by SONOTEC offers assistance with all delivery time frames and provide the highest standards of service. The highly professional and experienced technical experts guarantee premium service and world-class performance. The various types of expediting services offered by the company are:

  1. Project Full-Time Monitoring: The duration of manufacturing will be assisted by SONOTEC’s expeditors to help them with all the purchases within multiple facilities in the same geographical region.

  2. Vendor Specific Expediting: Under this service, the company provides its clients with all the information related to all the stages which are performed by their manufacturers.

  3. Desk/Coordinating Expediting: This service monitors the progress of orders that do not have strict timeframes. SONOTEC provides updates on such orders and monitors their progress which helps its clients to obtain periodic general information such as placement of suborders, the overall progress of the fabrication, and deliveries.