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Eddy Current Inspection


More and more companies are opting to go in for Eddy current inspection due to inherent benefit of non-requirement of paint removal for inspection which is a drawback in the conventional NDT method of MPI. Eddy current eliminates the need for surface preparation and saves a lot of time in paint removal and re-application of paint post inspection. Only at places, indications received prove-up is done with MPI.

One of the major advantages of eddy current as an NDT tool is the variety of inspections and measurements that can be performed. In the proper circumstances, eddy currents can be used for:

  • Crack detection
  • Material thickness measurements
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Conductivity measurements for Material identification, Heat damage detection, Case depth determination, Heat treatment monitoring.

Some of the advantages of Eddy current inspection include:

  • Sensitive to small cracks and other defects
  • Detects surface and near-surface defects
  • The inspection gives immediate results
  • Equipment is very portable. The method can be used for much more than flaw detection.
  • Minimum part preparation is required
  • Test probe does not need to contact the part
  • Inspects complex shapes and sizes of conductive materials
  • Tubestar has onboard trained and qualified inspectors to carry out Eddy current inspection onshore and offshore.
  • Tubestar uses the latest state of the art Phasec-3D unit from GE for inspection.
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