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The Warman® WBH® pump is the world’s new standard for heavy duties. A wide variety of impellers and shaft seals provide a perfect fit for a wide range of applications

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ISO 9001   

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Key features/benefits

  • The 'One Point' front liner adjustment feature allows an operator to both rotate and axially move the liner to minimise front impeller gap to reduce wear and maintain performance
  • Adjustment can be made while pump is running so no need to stop production. Wear components are designed and optimised using state of the art Computational Fluid Dynamics methods
  • Large capacity bearings which can withstand high loads including thrust while still providing long bearing life
  • Commercial labyrinth-style bearing end cover seals
  • Streamlined impeller and volute design flow paths that combine high efficiency and long life
  • Enhanced performance impeller and liner
  • High pressure rating with metal and rubber liners
  • Encapsulated rubber liners for longer life and to prevent liner extrusion or blow-out
  • Large diameter Warman® Hi-Seal® expeller for sealing at high intake pressures
  • Improved ease of maintenance and longer maintenance intervals


Design standards 

Hydraulic Institute 6, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & CE certified 

Design ratings                 


Size range/-dimensions

Dishcarge size 1” to 12” (25 mm to 300 mm)

Pressure class/-power

Pressure to 30 psi (2,100 kPa) (metal-lined)  
Pressure to 218 (1,500 kPa) (rubber-lined)  

Temperature range



Capacities to 13,200 gpm (3,000 m3/hr)

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