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The ST 80 model, evolution of a classic Flovex exchanger of proven production, is a device that combines requirements for thermal efficiency , compactness and extreme reliability .

Thanks to the new sealing system, patented, with the interposition of an elastic element, the ST 80 exchanger guarantees exceptional resistance to thermal shocks and water hammers. Particular attention was paid to the problem of corrosion with industrial waters.

The ST 80 exchanger has  AISI 316 stainless steel tube plates in a single body with a light alloy head. The water inlet and reversal covers are made of reinforced plastic resins, resistant to corrosion and pressure or, on request, in aluminum. Available in two versions:  "A" for medium-low flow rates and "B" for high flow rates.

To guarantee a high production standard, each exchanger undergoes a "quality control" and a pressure test before being placed on the market.


Straight, high-performance, finned, straight finned tubes  are used on the tube plates. Maximum strength even in the presence of vibrations and water hammers.


Molded in "Anticorodal" light alloy, they include both AISI 316 stainless steel tube plates and SAE Ø 11/2 "oil-side connections, sized to reduce pressure drops. The flange surface with through holes allows the possibility of connection with SAE flanges. GAS threaded connections or optional SAE counterflanges are also available.


The casing consists of an extruded, calibrated and light alloy tube, joined to the head by means of an "OR" gasket permanently tightened in the exchanger.


The front and rear covers fixed to the heads are made of plastic material, reinforced with pressure and corrosion resistant glass fiber. The water connections have Ø 1/2 ”BSP connections with molded steel threaded sleeves with covers. We recommend the use, during assembly, of fittings with cylindrical threads and flat gaskets, or sealants such as "Loctite". Maximum applicable tightening torque = 8 (Kgm). Light alloy lids with Ø 3/4 ”BSP connections available on request.


Made of sheet steel with collar holes. They adapt with strict tolerance to both the pipes and the jacket, to obtain maximum thermal efficiency.

Fixing supports

Made of pressed steel sheet, they can be positioned on the heads in different orientations, to facilitate the installation of the appliance.

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