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The heat exchangers of the LT series, with forced air cooling, are a valid alternative to the use of traditional shell and tube exchangers, if you do not have water or want to avoid consumption.

Particular attention has been paid to the study of the various components to achieve high thermal efficiency and robustness. For total reliability, each appliance is tested at 30 Bar.

Load loss

In order to optimize yields with a correct pressure drop value, two versions of equipment are offered:

  • type A for medium-low flow rates
  • type B for high flow rates

The head losses indicated in the enclosed performance diagrams are calculated for oil with viscosity 4 ° E at 50 ° C. With more viscous oil or with lower operating temperatures there are substantial variations in the values.

To avoid damage to the system in particular during cold start, it is advisable to exclude the exchanger from the circuit by inserting a by-pass calibrated at a pressure of 4-5 Bar.


To guarantee high operating pressures, resistance to vibrations and high heat exchange, each LT air exchanger uses a radiant pack composed of continuous aluminum fins, fixed to the copper pipes by mechanical expansion.

The manifolds are sized to allow the oil to pass at the expected flow rate. Each appliance is equipped with a fixed calibration thermostat , to be connected to the motor, for inserting the fan at a temperature of 40-48 ° C.

Electric motor and fan are designed for 100% operation and with a particularly low noise level.


Each appliance is guaranteed against manufacturing or material defects for a period of 12 months . No guarantee against corrosion, excessive vibrations, water hammer, fouling and incorrect assembly.

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Flovex was incorporated in 1977. From the very beginning, the company is designing and building for the hydraulic market. The company provides competitive services in various industrial sectors including oil and gas, vacuum pumps and pumps, hydraulics, transformers etc. With the help of Flovex heat exchangers, above 3000 lubrication plants are working today in the world. With an experience of 40 years in this industry, the company facilitates most complex engineering projects with its products.

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