Kisan Mouldings Ltd.

Kisan Mouldings Limited (KML) is one of India’s largest plastics companies, processing around 50,000 metric tonnes of polymer each year. We present the widest, most comprehensive and cost–effective range of PVC products, manufactured at our several modern facilities. Since 1982, We have been a leading name in the field of PVC pipe manufacturing and have been in the forefront of setting new trends in the markets. Known for our many innovations, Kisan has shaped its niche in the field of pipes and fittings for Water Management, Irrigation, Water Distribution and Sewage Disposal Systems, we also manufacture Custom Moulded Articles and Moulded Furniture. Kisan Mouldings Limited has been successfully manufacturing and marketing its products under the brand names ’KISAN’ & ’KML CLASSIC’ and is well known for its commitment to quality and service.

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