Hydraulic Oil Flushing System (new)

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  • Flow Rate Capacity : 100 LPM, 200 LPM, 500 LPM, 1000 LPM, 2000 LPM
  • Flow Control : Fixed Flow or Variable Flow (VFD) options available
  • Pressure : Low Pressure (upto 20 bar), Medium Pressure (upto 60 bar), High Pressure (upto 320 bar), Very High Pressure (upto 600 bar)
  • Maximum Pressure : 10 - 12 bar
  • Performance: NAS 4-5, ISO 17/15/12 or better
  • Certifications (Optional) : ATEX, DNV 2.7-1
  • Fluid Compatibility : Hydralic Oil
Tags:   Pipeline Flushing, External & Internal Inspection, Pigging Services Filters - Heavy Equipment


Minimac Systems Pvt Ltd

Minimac Systems Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 2012, is a leading manufacturer, exporter and technical consultancy company having its origin in India. We offer world-class Equipment for High-Velocity Oil Flushing, Chemical Cleaning, Oil Purification and Oil Monitoring. The products and services have key applicability in Operation & Maintenance of Rotary Equipment, Hydraulic Machinery under the Efficient Reliability Programme and TPM. During Project Stage, Pre-Commissioning and Pipeline & Process Services are major milestones which require equipment and services offered by us.

Minimac is quite active in Energy Sector (Oil & Gas, Power, Mining). We have established a strong brand and market presence in Asia, Middle East & Caspian, North Africa, Africa, South-East Asia, Australia. A regular growth in revenue, market reach, field experience and technical learning curve helps us prop as a market leader in many products that we offer.