Tianjin Boai Pipeline Technology Group Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise, producing and marketing high precision, high-strength HFW welded pipe, SAWH spiral welded pipe, 3PE, 3PP, FBE anti-corrosion pipe, Externally coated and inner epoxy anticorrosive pipe , Liquid epoxy paint anticorrosive pipe , Polyurethane insulating pipe ,Insulation pipe, oil and gas pipe , casing pipe, roller tube , solar stand tube, sporting goods tube , high-precision structure tube , piling pipe etc. Boai Group consists of five subsidiaries: Tianjin Boai Pipeline Co., Ltd. , Tianjin Boyu Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. , Tianjin Kejian Anticorrosion Technology Co., Ltd. , Tianjin Boyutong International Trade Co., Ltd. , Tianjin Maoqiang Technology Co., Ltd.

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