About the Company

With over four decades of rich experience in manufacturing and engineering, Arjay Engineering has extensive knowledge in the world of oil in water, capacitance, level controls, and gas detection. The company takes pride in being an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of top-quality process and environmental control systems and oil-in-water analyzers. Along with their manufactured products, Arjay Engineering also provides custom design and engineering services.

The products have been uniquely designed with advanced technology to enable industries to work in an enhanced and better way in environmentally sensitive areas. Arjay Engineering works with the vision to help businesses achieve a consistent production level in the safest way possible.

Products & Services

  • Oil in Water Monitors & Analyzers

  • Leak Detection Alarms

  • Capacitance Monitors

  • Level Transmitters and Switches for Liquids & Solids

  • Foam-Control Monitors

  • Dry Pump Monitors

The complete range of products and services can be viewed on their official website.

Contact Information

For any further assistance, use the following contact details:

Tel:+1 (905) 829-2418

Toll Free: +1 (800) 387-9487

Fax: +1 (905) 829-4701

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