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Model No.: CT-MCLH

Product No.: CT-90701        (NON-ROTATING)    

Model No.: CT-RMCLH 

Product No.:CT-90702          (ROTATING)  
Completion Oil Tools Mechanical Liner Hanger with J to J latching mechanism is set by giving right-hand rotation; with fully secured slips enclosed in pocket of cone. It is available in both rotational and Non-Rotational type. Staggered cone design gives maximum bypass area which helps in running in and circulation. Automatic J to J cage feature allows hanger to return to the run- in position, should the hanger set prematurely while running in the well.

The hanger body is made of high quality API 5CT standard materials. With end connections in compliance to API standards or any premium threads as per the customer’s requirement.

Note: Materials suited for H2S or CO2 service are available on request.

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Completion Oil Tools

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