FORCE Technology Norway is a leading technology consultancy company, founded on core principles of innovation and problem-solving. With years of credible experience and competent assistance, the firm has earned a reputation in the global arena.

Force Technology Norway was established with the vision to become the most preferred partner of the customers by transforming highly advanced technological knowledge into real-time valuable solutions.

As an impartial and independent technological service company, Force Technology maintains a solid technological infrastructure with unique facilities, technologies, and competencies for the greater benefit of the society and business enterprise.

Products and Services

With respect to the oil and gas industry, Force Technology offers the following equipment and services:

  • Drilling & Workover

  • Fixed Platforms

  • Floating Platforms

  • Infrastructure & Pipelines

  • Onshore Facilities

  • Support Vessels

The complete range of products and services can be viewed on the company’s official website.

Contact Information

For any further queries, please fill the Contact Us form on Force Technology’s website.

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