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Corrosion Mapping / Defect Detection Of Field Pipelines (4”, 6” & 8”) By Intelligent Pigging

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We offer ultrasonic pigging (by using In-line inspection tool EasyPig™ UT) and MFL Pigging (by using In-line inspection tool EasyPig TM) services for small diameter (4”, 6” & 8”) field pipelines with the help of M/s. Intron VTD, Russia

Advantages of EasyPig UT

  • Non-expensive. Possibility to run while performing pipeline cleaning.
  • Measurement of protective coating thickness allowing to forecast corrosion damage
  • Detection of laminations in pipeline wall
  • Detection of pipe wall metal thickness and internal pipe profile allowing to estimate the time of pipelines safe operation.
  • Inspection of non-ferromagnetic pipes including the ones made of polyethylene and stainless steel
  • Detection of severe defects and pipeline features, including illegal tapping
  • Detection of pipeline inner radius

Advantages of EasyPigTM

  • Low inspection costs due to removal of excessive inspection information, allowing to include in-line inspection using EasyPigTM into routine pipeline cleaning operations
  • Design allowing to inspect pipelines unpiggable for traditional in-line inspection tools
  • Brushless design
  • Pipeline condition monitoring including provision of information on illegal tapping locations
  • Short term data analysis and report preparation


  • Purpose : In-line diagnostics of field pipelines, identifying defects and structural features of the internal and external surfaces of the walls of pipelines, as well as determining their position by remote and section of the pipeline
  • Area of Application – Field pipelines of oil gathering, Reservoir pressure maintenance system, Products pipeline, Field gas pipelines, Distribution gas pipelines, etc.
  • Operating pressure: – from 1MPa to 10MPa. In gas minimum pressure is 2MPa.
  • Detects metal loss, corrosion defects, pinholes on the inner and outer surface of the pipeline wall, defects in welds (lack of penetration, inconsistencies).

Source:- https://www.ndts.co.in/corrosion-mapping-defect-detection-of-field-pipelines-4-6-8-by-intelligent-pigging/