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In-Service High Temperature (Up To 600⁰C) Thickness Measurement By Emat

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Thickness measurement at elevated temperature is a special category. Standard transducers are not designed to withstand elevated temperatures and will get damaged/destroyed due to varying thermal expansion coefficients of the materials used to construct them. Variation in material temperature affects sound velocity and accuracy of thickness measurements. We use Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) equipment without couplant to accompany this task.


  • Convection heater coils, Process Pipelines, Reactor Vessels & Mounted Bullets, Distillation Columns & Dryers
  • EMAT is accurate to 12.7μm (0.0005”) with a resolution up to 3mm thickness.
  • Capable to withstand temperatures from -30⁰C to 650⁰C with no active cooling.

Source:- https://www.ndts.co.in/in-service-high-temperature-up-to-600%E2%81%B0c-thickness-measurement-by-emat/