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Corrosion Under Insulation By Pulsed Eddy Current (Pec)

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PEC is an advance electromagnetic inspection technology which majorly detect remaining wall thickness under insulation in ferrous material. It uses square pulse signal to induced eddy current which can penetrate more deeply in magnetic material than conventional Eddy Currents. PEC can measure thickness through all insulation materials, coatings, fixed chicken wire, concrete, re-bars, corrosion product, stainless steel sheeting, aluminium sheeting, water marine growth, blistering scabs, through metallic mesh.


  • Hot & Cold Insulated Line (Temp : -33 To +550 deg. Celsius)
  • Insulated Vessels & Reactors
  • Insulated Chilled Water Lines
  • Column Skirting
  • Jetty Pipelines & Structures
  • Storage Tank Annular Plate Scanning
  • Corrosion under fireproofing of supports legs of storage spheres.
  • Remaining ligament underneath corrosion scabs.


  • Cost for removal of insulation and re insulation is saved.
  • Reduced Inspection Time resulting in high productivity.
  • Grid mapping mode 2 to 10 time faster (usually <1 s).
  • Less operator dependent.
  • Less affected by lift off variations, weather jacket overlap, straps.
  • Better detection of small defects.
  • Unaffected by structures above probes.
  • 6 meter length of telescopic pole enables to minimize scaffolding requirement.