Tata Petrodyne Ltd. (TPL)

TPL was incorporated in 1993 and was originally promoted by Tata Industries Ltd with the objective of spearheading the group's foray into the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Ownership of the company changed with its acquisition by Tata Power Company Ltd. in line with the group's strategy to consolidate all its energy businesses into a single corporate entity. However, later looking at the very nature of the oil & gas business which requires focus and large investments, the parent company of the Group i.e. Tata Sons Ltd, bought over Tata Power's 100% stake in Tata Petrodyne Ltd in March 2005. Tata Petrodyne participated in various rounds of bidding conducted by the Government of India, and has interests in various Indian oil and gas blocks won in earlier rounds. All the projects were secured and implemented in strategic alliances with both foreign & domestic oil companies.

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