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The most respected and prevalent engine driven cooler design in the gas compression industry. A superior design proven in tens of thousands of installations worldwide.

Advantage Summary

  • Inherently more efficient Forced draft design
  • Ideally suited for multiple services including engine utility cooling along with oil and multi-stages of gas compression
  • High vertical discharge air velocity results in the cooler being less affected by wind direction or adjacent equipment
  • Sloped sections result in greater cooling capacity in a smaller footprint or plot area
  • Elimination of “top-heaviness?means greater safety, stability, and ease of handling
  • Superior air-flow minimizes hot air recirculation
  • Enhanced safety with excellent visual inspection and access to critical moving parts

Efficent Forced Draft Design

The advantage of AXH air-coolers EF forced draft, vertical discharge design is that fan handles cool, denser ambient air. As a result, the fan is inherently more efficient requiring less fan horsepower than induced draft coolers handling hot discharge air. Superior air flow further minimizes the recirculation of discharge hot air making it virtually unaffected by variations in wind direction or the location of adjacent equipment. 

Sloped Sections with Superior Weight Distribution

The Type EF's design offers combined engine and compressor cooling with multiple stage gas services in a single structure. A primary advantage of the cooler's sloped section arrangement is that it provides greater cooling capacity within a given frame size with a compact “footprint?which in turn reduces the required skid or pad space. The "top (front) heaviness" of an induced draft cooler is also eliminated with the center of gravity located close to the physical center or the cooler, resulting in greater safety and stability in handling. 

Drive Options

Normally V-belt driven from the engine or compressor the EF can also be provided with an internal electric motor or other type drives. 

Integral Shutters

Adjustable aluminum shutters are a standard feature on most Type EF coolers. Shutters provide superior air-flow characteristics and improved operating efficiency. Individual manual operators with remote linkage or optional air motors provide added temperature control by allowing independent louver adjustment over individual services. 

Improved Safety And Maintanence

A forced draft design is generally considered to be safer with the fan working against a positive static head of pressure between the fan and coils. Both fan and bearings are located in cooler ambient air and are easily visible for inspection and easy access for maintenance of all moving components. 


Auxiliary louvers, located on the air Inlet side, can provide greater control of fluid outlet temperatures and can be automated. "Soft" quickly removable bug screens, discharge or personnel guards, access ladders and warm air recirculation systems are common optional features.

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AXH Air Coolers
AXH air-coolers represents more than 50 years of experience and leadership in the air-cooled heat exchanger industry. As such the company encompasses the entire spectrum of air-coolers from initial sales, thermal design and application through mechanical engineering, design drafting, project management and manufacturing to aftermarket support. Featuring the largest facility complex in the industry the company currently has a combined total of 553,500 SF, located on 67 acres. Our primary goal to provide the highest quality air-cooler product with a focus on and commitment to providing reliable "on time" delivery. AXH offers a complete line of air-cooled heat exchangers that are available in a wide range of sizes, types and models to fit virtually every application requirement in the natural gas compression, process and power generation industries.


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