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Horizontal Designs Provide Flexibility in Remote Installation for Large HP Gas Compression or Process Cooling

Advantage Summary

  • The horizontal Type ZF coolers offer flexibility that can accommodate multiple cooling services in a common horizontal cooler
  • Self-contained design eliminates field assembly and reduces transportation costs
  • Forced or Induced draft configurations
  • Available with single or multiple fans
  • Accommodates various type drive options
  • Excellent access and inspection to component parts

Remote Installation 

The Type ZF are commonly used for large hp or process applications where remote �off skid?installation is required. Structural design ensures optimum sizing of end and center panels to support all dead loads of cooler sections and piping in accordance with API and are designed to withstand 125 mph wind loading. The self-contained design eliminates the need for costly field assembly and reduces transportation costs while meeting the most severe installation requirements.

Forced or Induced Draft Design 

AXH air-coolers Horizontal coolers are normally more efficient, forced draft designs but are alternately available in induced draft configurations with higher exit velocities. All are vertical air flow to minimize recirculation of hot discharge air. Models are available with single or multiple fans ranging in sizes from 24?to 192? Their design and size flexibility enables them to be used in a wide range of special applications. 

Section Accessibility & Temperature Control 

The horizontal Type ZF design provides section accessibility in which all sections are equipped with lifting lugs and core guards for maximum protection of the exposed sections. Manual or automated aluminum shutters are an optional feature on all ZF models. These offer improved control of fluid outlet temperatures and operating efficiency by allowing independent louver adjustment over separate services. 

Drive Options 

Fans are normally driven by integrally suspended electric motors using HTD or V-belts but can be adapted to a variety of alternate type drives ?right ange gears in larger fan hp applications, internal, direct, engine jack shaft, or hydraulic. All drives are integrally mounted, aligned, and test run prior to shipment. 

Inspection and Maintenance 

Type ZF coolers offer convenient accessibility to all components with fan, drive and bearings all located in cooler ambient air for increased operating life. For safety and easy maintenance, all units have individually removable fan and drive guards meeting all state and OSHA regulations louvers along including remote lubrication fittings. 


Hail guards, bug screens, ladders & platforms, low noise fans, base enclosures and warm air recirculation systems can be provided.

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AXH Air Coolers
AXH air-coolers represents more than 50 years of experience and leadership in the air-cooled heat exchanger industry. As such the company encompasses the entire spectrum of air-coolers from initial sales, thermal design and application through mechanical engineering, design drafting, project management and manufacturing to aftermarket support. Featuring the largest facility complex in the industry the company currently has a combined total of 553,500 SF, located on 67 acres. Our primary goal to provide the highest quality air-cooler product with a focus on and commitment to providing reliable "on time" delivery. AXH offers a complete line of air-cooled heat exchangers that are available in a wide range of sizes, types and models to fit virtually every application requirement in the natural gas compression, process and power generation industries.


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